Enhanced Environmental Dry Eye Trials

Ora combines our industry standard methods with effective patient recruitment to accurately evaluate dry eye conditions within a single season, reducing variability.

Reduced Variability
Trials can be executed within the same season to produce more predictable endpoints.
Dry Eye Patient Database
In-house database of dry eye patients that supports investigative sites enabling shorter enrollment periods and fewer sites.
Clinical Trial Specialists
Manage trials on-site, provide support and recruitment assistance to ensure protocol adherence and accelerated timelines.
Standardized Methods
Ora’s Ocular Protection Index (OPI) 2.0 System and Calibra Scales work in tandem with our Enhanced Environmental Trials to define dry eye endpoints.

Let the Dry Eye Clinical Specialist assist you in minimizing the variables associated with dry eye clinical studies.

Ora’s Enhanced Environmental Trials address one of the most challenging aspects inherent in dry eye research - seasonal changes. Our team of Dry Eye Clinical Trial Specialists utilize our patient recruitment expertise and our widely accepted industry standardization methods to overcome the variables associated with multi-season, longer duration trials.

Utilizing OraNet, our network of 30 investigational sites comprised of ophthalmologists who specialize in dry eye disease and clinical trials, we are able to ramp up trials quickly and conduct studies within a single season. Drawing on our in-house database of 20,000 dry eye patients, augmented with patients from our OraNet investigative sites, we can identify and schedule the desired patient population within a short amount of time. This means dry eye studies can be conducted within the same season using fewer sites, reducing variability among sites. In addition, a member of our Dry Eye Team is on-site at each investigative location, managing the trial and ensuring protocol adherence.

Ora’s industry standard methods and refined scales, such as our Ocular Protection Index (OPI) 2.0 System, Calibra Scales and Redness Analyzer, are used to accurately define dry eye endpoints. At Ora, we’ve made the unpredictable more predictable with Enhanced Environmental Trials.