The OPI 2.0 System

The Ocular Protection Index (OPI) 2.0 System can accelerate the pace of your dry eye product development.

The OPI 2.0 System can be used to accurately identify the degree of breakup area on the cornea, and it represents an efficient, clinically relevant measurement of the pathophysiology of the ocular surface.

The Ocular Protection Index (OPI) 2.0 System was developed to evaluate ocular surface protection under a natural blink pattern and normal visual conditions. The OPI 2.0 System implements fully automated software algorithms which provide a real-time measurement of corneal exposure (breakup area) for each interblink interval during a 1-minute video.

Utilizing this method, the mean breakup area (MBA) and OPI 2.0 (MBA/interblink interval)
are calculated and analyzed.

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