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How the Regulator’s View of AI is Unfolding in the US: A Lens on Ophthalmology

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Algorithms are different ways to describe the growing trend of new tools that can help screen and diagnose patients. With the first ophthalmic screening tool approved by the FDA in April 2018, these are no longer a technology of the future, but rather, a technology of today. Presently, ophthalmic medical device researchers are developing automated programs to diagnose, assess, and screen ophthalmic disease with as much accuracy as human experts. In this webinar, Ryan Bouchard (VP, Medical Devices at Ora, Inc.) and Dale W. Usner, Ph.D. (CSO & Sr. VP, Strategic Scientific Consulting at SDC) share valuable insights about the current and future state of these programs in ophthalmic medical devices, including regulatory perspectives and clinical design considerations as the market expands for these exciting technologies.

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