Our Clients

Ora offers a full suite of product development services designed to provide our clients with the best possible ROI within the ophthalmology space.


Watch these stories of Michael Ackermann, Jim McCollum, Garth Cumberlidge and Won Yang to learn how Ora’s partnership played a strategic role in their success.

A new path for dry eye: Device

Discovering novel therapies

Navigating Dry Eye

Demonstrating Dry Eye drug efficacy

Ora is dedicated to nurturing the ophthalmic development programs of both individual inventors and virtual start-ups, many of whom look to us for our full complement of services. We are equally dedicated to empowering large pharma companies who seek to either launch or expand their presence in the ophthalmic category by providing them with the specific services they may need to augment their in-house capabilities. We are constantly searching to find the best matches between pharmaceutical companies and investment firms across the ophthalmic space.We also serve as a business liaison between start-up companies, VC firms and investors, and exit partners, helping them to realize the highest possible ROI from their novel ophthalmic product candidates.

Our diverse global roster of clients include: