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COVID-19 Updates

As many corners of the world begin to open with the easing of COVID-19 cases, the safety and wellbeing of our employees, patients, and partners remain at the forefront of Ora’s operating strategy, as does the continued progress of ophthalmic research.

  • As an essential business with a nimble infrastructure and can-do teams, Ora never stopped offering our services—safely and productively.
  • We continued to engage clinical sites that remained open over time and are working hand-in-hand with others as they reopen.  
  • Today, as many of our sponsors initiate, restart, or accelerate studies, Ora stands alongside them, delivering the expertise they need, continuing to enroll patients in trials, and fully prepared for the milestones ahead.

Ora has and continues to follow COVID-19 work processes and protocols set by governmental bodies and health authorities, including:

  • Remote monitoring programs where appropriate
  • Regional strategies for our Clinical Research Coordinators
  • Employee safety and standards
    • Clear safety protocols, including personal protective equipment, for employees deemed essential for on-site work or in-person visits
    • Remote working an option for all non-essential employees
    • In person or remote, Ora employees provide responsive and thorough support, efficiently delivering only the highest-caliber work. We are proud of Team Ora!
  • Regular reviews of office reopening dates and processes. As of this writing, local authorities continue to require our employees to work remotely wherever possible.
  • Continued meetings of Ora’s Emergency Response Management Team.
  • Full compliance with additional COVID-19 guidelines set by regulatory bodies, global health authorities, and local and federal governments.

Throughout the pandemic, Ora has remained strong and steadfast in our commitment to our clients, the patients we serve, and our employees, who smoothly transitioned during these times, unwavering in their commitment to helping others live in a fully sighted world.


Supporting Our Partners During Challenging Times

Ora recently held roundtable discussions with a number of investigators and CRCs to learn about the operational challenges they have been facing due to COVID-19, as well as their plans for current and future trials and how we can help them moving forward. One of the many valuable insights came from Dr. David Evans from Total Eye Care in Memphis, who shared how Ora’s local CRC placement strategy benefited his practice by allowing clinical trials to continue, which in turn prevented layoffs with his staff. Watch the video below to hear about his experience.