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Allergen BioCube® Allergy Chamber

Ora uses its proprietary exposure chamber unit, the fully validated Allergen BioCube® Allergy Chamber, in clinical trials for allergic rhinitis. As a clinical model specifically developed to explore the science behind allergic rhinitis with select sub-populations, the BioCube is both a stationary and mobile state-of-the-art allergen exposure chamber, designed to release calibrated quantities of pollen with precise and reproducible techniques.

Identical to pollen exposure

Ora verifies the delivery of aeroallergens to patients with real-time laser detection of particulates in the air. Turning an ISO Class 3 cleanroom into a controlled allergy environment, the BioCube is validated to produce clinical results. Different from other chamber models, patients exposed to pollen in the BioCube experience the signs and symptoms of nasal allergy in a manner identical to pollen exposure in the environment.

Objective Assessments
Clinician in the chamber to monitor patient reactions with objective assessments

Patient Sensitivity Matching
Tailoring of allergen levels to suit patient sensitivities, representing real-world conditions

Homogenization of Allergens
Full homogenization throughout patient positions, with capabilities to deliver multiple allergens

Allergen BioCube Results
Nasal Inflammation Scale (NIS) which provides quantifiable

In addition, Ora’s speed, quality and precision allow for greatly accelerated timeframes, while its low standard deviations increase the likelihood of your trial’s success.