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Become an Ora Investigator

Leveraging global relationships to enhance clinical success

OraNetis Ora’s global family of research sites, dedicated to optimizing site preparedness, study execution, and data quality across all therapeutic areas of Ophthalmology. Comprised of (1) a strategic site community, (2) a tailored site-support platform, and (3) a dedicated recruitment team, OraNetturbocharges study startup timelines, accelerates enrollment, and empowers Ora’s sponsors to complete their global studies on-time and within budget. With access to Ora’s validated clinical models and scales, OraNetcan effectively standardize study environments to reduce data variability and increase the likelihood of study success. OraNetprovides sites the power of global experience and the precision of local execution.

“At Ora, we pride ourselves on enhancing clinical success, and consistently work towards our mission to be the CRO that sites want to work with.” – Mike Watson, VP OraNet


Our global, world-class network of ophthalmic & optometric investigators includes a wide array of medical professionals with varied expertise across the fields of ophthalmology, optometry, and allergy. To meet the diverse demands of Ora’s global clinical studies, we seek out qualified and dedicated medical professionals across a broad geographic area.

Top 5 things you’ll love about being an OraNet™ Investigator:

  1. Enrich your professional development
  2. Enhance the enthusiasm of your staff
  3. Build your practice & improve patient care
  4. Gain economic benefit
  5. Be part of medical advancements and work with newest technologies