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Ora-NAC™ Allergen Model

Ora supports pharmaceutical companies needing reproducible results via on-site training and site support for intricate Nasal Allergen Challenge study procedures, administration, and biomarker collection. With more than 40 years of experience in this area, we help you implement standardized technical procedures for nasal allergen challenge and biomarker collection, through training and observation across all sites.

The Ora-NAC™ training model ensures proper procedures at each site, leading to a successful trial.

  • Training provided on Ora-NAC™ procedures and nasal fluid collection techniques, as well as site-specific SOPs, ensures quality and consistency across all sites
  • Investigatory and study coordinator training meetings used to present Ora-NAC™ procedures
  • Site specific training is conducted at sites before each Ora-NAC™ procedure, as well as observation of site performance on patients
  • The ability to be there providing feedback and training in real-time ensures the success of our model
  • Be in the know with your trial, understanding all risks, challenges, and where additional support may be required