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Patient Engagement

Patient recruitment and retention is one of the most challenging aspects of the clinical development process. From the earliest stages of development, we collaborate with you to find the right population and create a robust engagement and retention plan to maintain patients for the duration of your study.

Since 2011, Ora has pre-screened more than 86,000 qualified ophthalmic patients to speed up study timelines and improve patient quality across a full range of therapeutic areas. These patients are organized by both disease state and severity in our database, allowing us to quickly find eligible patients for any protocol.

3 Steps to Meeting your Enrollment Targets

Step 1
Customize a recruiting plan with targeted strategies to help accelerate your study timelines

Step 2
Collaborate with our investigative sites to identify the desired study population from their patient base

Step 3
Create multi-channel advertising campaigns – including direct mailers, radio, newspaper ads, and social media – to ensure enrollment targets are reached at each site

Clinical Trial Block Enrollment

 The conventional “rolling” enrollment strategy can draw out the process for several months or even years, delaying pivotal study timelines. For certain studies, Ora recommends using our block enrollment process to schedule a group of study patients before the trial start date through OraNet™, our established ophthalmic site network.

Block enrollment allows us to meet aggressive study timelines, such as running an allergic conjunctivitis or dry eye disease study within one season. The process also minimizes variability and gives insight into how and when enrollment numbers will be met – before your ophthalmic study even starts.

  • Enroll more patients per site
  • Reduce the number of sites
  • Reduce variability of data and accelerate your timelines

Integrated Research Operations

Ora’s on-site staff supports the block enrollment process. Our carefully trained clinical team works closely with site staff to implement a protocol and conduct studies. This additional support helps facilitate the enrollment process, ultimately expediting your study’s journey to the finish line.