Clinical Patient Recruiting & Enrollment

One of the most challenging aspects of clinical trials can be subject recruitment and retention. Finding the appropriate patient population, identifying potential study subjects who fit within that patient population, and then keeping those subjects throughout the duration of the study are only some of the challenges associated with recruiting for ophthalmic clinical trials.

Your Custom Recruiting Plan

We start by customizing a recruiting plan with targeted strategies for acceleration of your study timelines. Then our dedicated team of recruiting specialists takes charge and collaborates with our investigative sites to develop site-specific strategies to properly identify the desired study population from their patient base. We also work with you to create advertising campaigns, including direct mailers, radio, newspaper ads and digital recruitment strategies like social media to ensure enrollment targets are reached at each site. The Ora Recruiting team has spent years identifying thousands of qualified ophthalmic subjects across a full range of therapeutic areas. Since 2011, the team has pre-screened over 86,000 subjects to speed up study timelines and improve the quality of patients.  These subjects are in our established database and organized by both disease state and severity, allowing us to quickly identify eligible subjects for any protocol.

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Clinical Trial Block Enrollment

For some studies, we recommend using Ora’s process of clinical trial block enrollment to schedule study subjects before the trial start date and utilizing OraNet, Ora’s established group of investigator sites. Through this process, we are able to meet the most aggressive study timelines and often run an allergic conjunctivitis or dry eye disease study within one season. Block enrollment varies from the conventional “rolling” strategy, which can cause enrollment to be drawn out over several months or years and delay pivotal study timelines. Block enrollment minimizes variability and gives you the foresight to understand exactly how and when enrollment numbers will be met before your ophthalmic study even starts.

Feet-On-The-Ground, On-Site Ora Staff

To facilitate the block enrollment clinical research process, Ora operates with a “feet-on-the-ground” approach. Our carefully trained clinical team works closely with site staff to implement a protocol and conduct studies. The additional support of our research associates helps to facilitate the enrollment process, ultimately expediting your study’s journey to the finish line.


With Ora Recruiting, you can join a paid ophthalmology clinical trial near you. Find an eye study that’s right for you and learn what to expect.